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Monday, March 19, 2012

shooting in Toulouse- 4 killed

Journalist Chris Bockman said the gunman shot at point blank range, in "a brazen attack in daylight"
(Sumber: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-17426313 )
Tangguh jap gambar2 gi London aritu sebab aku nak masukkan berita terkini yang berlaku di tempat tinggal aku. Bukan di Mondonville tapi di Toulouse. Tadi, seorang teman menalipon aku, tanyakan samada aku tahu tak apa yang dah jadi. Amenda yang dah jadi? Aku dok masak sambil tengok Asro prima kat laptop. Katanya ada kejadian tembakan di salah satu sekolah di Toulouse dan empat orang terbunuh.. Rupa2nya, suami aku pun ada forward e-mail dari sekolah. Antara kandungan e-mail dari pihak sekolah:

 IST takes the safety of your children very seriously and has a very effective security system in place.
 However, in light of this morning’s tragic events in Toulouse I wish to inform you that we have put in place extra security precautions with immediate effect.
 We have organised additional security guards to be on site during the school day and, along with the video camera surveillance system, this will reinforce the monitoring of movement in, out and around the perimeter of the school grounds.

Ni pulak berita dari dari Yahoo.com
Berita lanjut, baca kat sini: 4 terbunuh

TOULOUSE (Reuters) - A man opened fire Monday in front and a Jewish school in Toulouse, killing three children and a teacher before fleeing on a motorbike, bringing to seven the number of people killed according to this procedure in the region in a week.
The case follows the murders of two soldiers last Thursday in Montauban, near Toulouse, and another soldier on March 12 in Toulouse, committed with the same handgun and a helmeted man who also fled to scooter.
The anti-terrorist section of Paris prosecutor announced it had seized from the three surveys "for acts of murder and attempted murder in connection with a terrorist enterprise", which means that legally the justice considers that these three crimes are related.
Monday's shooting took place around 8:00 in college-denominational school Ozar Hatorah, where about 200 children are enrolled in the residential area of ​​the Rose Garden, when the students arrived at the facility.
"He shot everything he had in front of him, children or adults, children were continued until the inside of the school," said Attorney Toulouse, Michel Valet. "There is by now five victims, four people including three children who were killed and a fifth victim, a 17 year old who is very seriously injured."
The man, who arrived and left riding a motorcycle or scooter large-displacement, killed a Hebrew teacher of 30 years, her two children from two to six years, and another child of eight years, the daughter of the headmaster who died in the arms of the latter after a resuscitation attempt.
The infants who were killed were on hand to be grouped together and taken to an elementary school.

Memang suspen kalau ada benda2 macam ni lebih2 lagi buat kami rakyat malaysia yang bertudung ni.. Semoga Allah melindungi kita semua di bumi Toulouse..


Nieza said...

Assalam kak, takutnya bila dgr berita gini kan..saya kat sini pun dulu ada juga kes tembak kat supermarket. Kena hati-hati juga lah kak..harap tak ada perkara yg buruk berlaku pada kita semua..IsyaAllah.